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    Constellations/Sternbilder, 2015  
  _ monika goetz

Rendering, Cepheus and Lacerta (Lizard) by day

    "Constellations/Sternbilder", JVA Stuttgart-Stammheim (prison)

A Project of the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg's
Art in Architecture Program
Karl + Probst Architects
Monika Goetz, Artist

    Site: Two courtyards inside prison
  Reintegration into society is the main goal of the German penal system. By installing two constellations inside each courtyard a piece of heaven will be brought into the confined setting of the prison. By doing so a connection to the exterior world - the surrounding society- will be established. During the day the prisoners can use the connecting lines as benches, gymnastic apparatuses, meeting and communication points. At night the stars will be illuminated and will be visible from inside the cells.